Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Legal Downloading of Copyrighted Books

I like reading books, old-fashion paper books, flipping pages and using paper bookmarks. However, there are multiple cases, when ebooks are much more convenient and usable. You can store many compact text files on your notebook or mobile phone, and you are ready for travel. No need to carry heavy literature in your luggage, books are always with you, wherever you go and whenever you feel like reading: in public transportation, on boring meeting, or in traffic jam.

You can find many websites offering downloading the books, but vast majority of these cannot be considered as using legal procedures, offering you these files. While now the prosecution of ebooks copyright violation is not severe, it might come in the nearest future. At this point, comes to play website Wowio. Wowio lets you legally read online, or even download copyrighted ebooks from leading publishers for free (mostly, you have to pay per download of the book in PDF format, but the cost is usually less than 1$). These include works of classic literature, variety of college textbooks, comic books, fiction books and more. Books can be downloaded in PDF format and will be associated with your Wowio username.

Video Presentation:

Wowio Demo


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