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The Best 10 Job Search Engines

Top 5 Search Engines
(Scores 100-130)

Looking for a new Job is a complicated and important project in your life. With this publication, I will try to make one of the project stages a little bit easier. I will review the Online Job Search Engines and provide brief description, links and rating, based on the multiple online reviews and users’ feedback. For the matter of this publication, I will present only General Job Search Engines that have the nationwide geographic coverage and include resources for the most of the professional occupations in the modern economy, rather than presenting a particular specialized niche. Analysts estimate the amount of the online job search web sites to exceed 45,000. So, it is not an easy task for a job seeker to choose the place, where he will invest his time and hopes. By limiting this review by exclusively General Engines, I understand that I cut artificially many sites with more specific resources that in some cases might be even better than general information sites. For example, Dice can be considered as one of the best sites on the technology market, and TheLadders - on the High-paid Jobs Listing ($100K+) market, JobsInLogistics - for logistics jobs, LatPro – resources for Latino (Hispanic) population, Computerwork - for computer-related jobs, Jobsinthemoney - for jobs in financial industries, and other sites focusing on the particular niche of the Job Market (CallCenterJobs, Telecomcareers, GreatInsuranceJobs, Jobs4HR, AllRetailJobs, etc).

Rating, accompanying the site reviews, is based on the ratings, preferences, and reviews from 20 online and printed articles, devoted to the Job Search Engines evaluation and promotion. I have to admit that, being for last 6 years far away from the Job Search Market, I decided to refrain from giving my personal opinion on the sites rating, and provide the overall score, calculated on the base of the professional reviews.

From 40 sites reviewed, the group of the five leaders has a distinctive advantage in comparison with the main remaining candidates.

The Leading Job Search Engine with score 128 should be pronounced the Monster.com.
Monster can be characterized by a simple-to-navigate website interface and huge database of positions from all career paths. Its database has almost 50 million resumes of the job seekers. You can look for job by category, location, employer, or keyword and save your searches as active search agents that are browsing the ongoing positions listings and notifying you by e-mail, sent to your inbox.
However, this site is more than just a job search engine. It offers resume help and distribution, career advice, and networking capabilities. You get a free account with room for a resume, cover letters, and an online job application history to track your job search progress. You can also choose to use premium resume writing and publishing services for a small fee.
Among attractive extra features, we want to mention MonsterTrack, offering special guidance to college students at the most complicated initial steps of the internship or first employment place search; Monster Networking, helping to connect people in the same field for potential leads and recommendations; Monster Mobile, transferring the job search featured capabilities to the mobile phones, and Monster Blog, where candidates can chat and exchange their advices and experience in different job-related fields.
The only noticeable disadvantage of the site is extensive use of advertising, pop-ups, and special offers that might be distracting and might spoil the overall very positive impression of the site quality and effectiveness.

The second place, unexpectedly for me, has been aggressively captured by the Job Search Engine that is not one of the group of “Big Three”. With a score 117, SimplyHired.com got a “silver medal”.
SimplyHired is a simple search engine, searching for listings from other job boards, companies’ pages and online classifieds, searchable by type of job, type of company, keyword, location and the date the job was posted. You can use the site to search for job openings and subscribe to a search result delivery, or you can register for a free account and save annotated listings onsite as well. Among additional features to be mentioned are: interesting option for the user to "train" the job search engine on the preferred content delivery by rating jobs you are interested in; the ability to research salaries; the ability to add jobs to a job map and view detailed profiles of various companies.
It is not surprising that this Job Search engine with almost 7 million listed positions obtained multiple awards for outstanding results from Time, Forbes, PC Magazine, and CNet.
To add some fun to the serious activities of the Job Search, site is offering you to participate in the Simply Fired contest for the best stories about getting fired.

The bronze, with a score 116, is taken by one of the biggest sites in the category, CareerBuilder. According to the Workforce Magazine, for the past two years CareerBuilder.com has ranked number one among job sites for overall traffic and popularity. CareerBuilder has more than 1.5 million job listings, more than 250,000 companies posting jobs, and over 2 million resumes submitted. This site pulls job listings from the pages of the Tribune and Knight Ridder newspaper conglomerates, so online search might bring you unique results, especially if you are looking for job in major metropolitan areas served by these newspapers.
CareerBuilder offers job searchers a free account for resume and cover letter posting, email job alert notices, job search advice, and customized job search capabilities according to the multiple criteria: location, job title, key words, and specific industry. List of job search communities and detailed information on the coming career fairs are included as well.
Site might be characterized by the strong presence in US, on the international arena he is just starting to build its network. Another significant disadvantage is that employers have to pay a premium to search resume database, with different fees structures with and without positions posting.

With a minimum gap, the next site that came out in the competition, is Yahoo! HotJobs (a score 114).
Yahoo Hot Jobs is a personalized Job Search Engine, linked to your Yahoo ID, so you can use the same login account for the both sites. This comprehensive and user-friendly search site includes a massive job search bank, records storage for “My Searches”, multiple resume templates, and a large library of Career Tools. Any job search can be subscribed to via RSS. You can add your subscription to "My Yahoo" or to a personalized RSS reader (as Bloglines).
All users agree that the site very effectively implemented the job search by location, when user can see all the jobs available in his general area. Another nice feature implemented is HotBlock technology, giving job seekers control on which employers can see their resume.
Yahoo! HotJobs has a free limited search option for employers, and it also provides employers, recruiters, and staffing agencies an opportunity to choose billable recruiting program.
The biggest disadvantage of the site, revealed by the users, is the lack of the proper and qualified customer support.

And, the closing member of the “5 Best Job Search Engines” group is Indeed.com with score 113.
Indeed.com is a very powerful job search engine with simplistic interface. It is offering a completely different approach to job search in comparison with other competitors. User cannot submit his resume from the site, as it is focused solely on being a pure meta-search engine retrieving information from other major job search engines, job search boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages. Job searching process is very simple, and can uncover unique resources, unavailable in other search engines. User is able to save his searches and have jobs delivered to him by email alert.
It is also possible to enter to the forums in which you can extract a lot of information related to jobs, allowing you to be more prepared on all stages of the job search, application submission, and at the time of job interview.

Other Top Job Search Engines
(Scores 80 -100)
Score 92
Score 91
Score 88
Score 87
Score 86

A full list of the reviewed companies with scores from 50 to 80 can be found on the related RateItAll Web List (http://www.rateitall.com/t-24301-general-job-search-engines--free-online-services.aspx)


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