Friday, February 13, 2009

Magic tricks: operate remotely your cellular phone with MobiWee

This is a new services I am really excited about. Developers brought together really useful features, that can make our life easier.

MobiWee is a “fresh from oven” set of free public services currently available for mobile phone owners. Currently they support Windows Mobile operating system only, but more platforms will be released soon, like iPhone, Android, and Symbian.

Services Offered:

1. Contact manager.
Contact manager allows you to add, remove, backup, or restore contacts on your mobile phone contacts list from any browser. This service is simply a convenient way to see all your contacts at once and is especially useful if you’ve just lost or upgraded your phone and don’t want to go through the hassle of saving each contact to the SIM card.

2. File manager.
File manager lets you see all your files and folders on your phone so you can upload or download from your computer or device. This service supports ringtones, music, video, pictures, word documents, really anything you can think of.

3. SMS service.
SMS service allows you to copy, paste, send and receive your SMS messages in real time from any browser.

4. Automatic Exchange server and POP3/IMAP configuration.
This gets all your setup information from outlook and sends it to your device, so you only have to worry about it once. If you switch phones or use more than one, you just click to send the information to the new device.

5. Favorites and call forwarding services.
Favorites can be sent to your phone with one click, while call forwarding forwards calls from your mobile device to any phone. If you forget your device at home, you simply click to forward your calls to the office or any other.

6. Application manager.
Application Manager allows you to install the application file directly on your phone, no cables or Bluetooth connections required.

7. Device location.
Basically, when you click locate my device; MobiWee displays the location of your mobile device using the GPS signal from the built-in locator. This is of great assistance, if you are not sure where you have left your phone or you suspect it is stolen.

8. Lock & Wipe service.
This allows you to wipe your device data and restore it to factory settings, or lock it, in the event of a loss or theft. This service is useful whether you are simply uncomfortable with your information being public or have sensitive data that needs protection.

9. The encryption service.
Encryption service allows you to encrypt and decrypt the data on your device, so your data is secure, even if it gets into the wrong hands.

10. The certificates service.
It is a convenient way to mobilize your digital badge from your pc to your device.

11. The shutdown/restart service.
Simply click to shutdown or restart your device remotely. You might find that useful when you want to conserve battery power, when you left your phone at home.

Windows vista Gadgets widgets, coming soon, which will give you a live screenshot, allow you to monitor incoming calls, missed calls, voicemails, push and receive any file, and send and receive SMS messages.

Register at the developers’ website:

About MobiWee
MobiWee is website owned by TechStone Soft, based in Roseville, CA, USA.
MobiWee provides users the ability to backup critical data, access, configure and control their mobile devices from the comfort of their computers at home, work or any where in the world, online, with simple clicks.

Video instructions on how to download and setup your client are presented below:


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