Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Simplest Web Publishing and Information Sharing

ShareText.net is a very simple, easy to use, but features-rich WEB publisher for everyone who needs to put and share some information or notes on the web easy, quickly, without registration. You can share with ShareText.net your favorite recipes, travel photos, party invitations, text files, files, or even create simple web page for long-term purposes.

No need to be familiar with web publishing, you will be fine if you just use the familiar features of the text editor.

Service may be useful, if you need to share your poster, announcement, or flyer to the large group of people.

Main Features

- share a text and instantly publish
- copy and paste images from most of web browsers
- protect article view with password to allow proper sharing of the proprietary information.
- Tweet your article after publishing your article
- share your link with QR code
- insert YouTube videos -
- share screenshots using Windows snipping tool
- edit HTML code directly using Source button
- download your article as PDF
- share Files

Marketing Message

Create and Publish a Web Whether you want the simplest, easy way to share your opinion, express yourself about something or to find the right audience for your advertising message, sharing is choice. Use the most innovative social media and sharing platform for the Web. This puts sharing to work for you just create and publish a text all over the social media where the crowds are hungry for news. Keep it as a Web page forever as if you carry your knowledge in your mind and your soul ready to explode outside of you and make you more powerful with more and more tools for the sweet market war, chasing different needs and targets. Integrated with lot of tools and options makes it the best on the internet and no other can say opposite, Tweet your articles, share your pictures, show your Youtube videos, for advanced users edit your HTML code directly in the source, download as PDF for readers or just share files. Start sharing and do it with the best and get the best result of your sharing.

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